A day in the life of the Giggly Grannies

Saturday – and when Lyn isn’t organising a coffee morning at Ryde Methodist Church she and Julie often attend the one being held by others. Today, although rain nearly put them off (especially as they have no transport) they did head on down to Garfield Road. It is always lovely to meet up with other church members for a catch up.

Last week, The Giggly Grannies, partook in a sponsored silence with the 8th Ryde Brownies. Despite everyone saying they wouldn’t do it, they certainly did and raised over £450 too for The Open Arms project . The brownies were excellent and managed also to keep quiet.

As the Open Arms Cupboard was getting rather bare, The Giggly Grannies decided to go and get in some food to fill the cupboard. That was easier said than done as transport is currently an issue. Buses and dolley trollies are sometimes the order of the day however, today the shopping was far too much for the trollies. Fortunately, a very willing driver accompanied us. On the journey, Lyn was busy trying to co-ordinate some very kind folk who offered to collect a bed from Marie in Union street and deliver it to one of the clients who had been sleeping on the floor . He should be more comfortable now. Having connected all the relevant parties, Lyn was then able to assist Julie with the shopping, which has to be done very wisely to make the money go as far as possible although Julie had this very well in hand. In fact she is now a complete expert.

Having made the necessary purchases, the pair were ready to return to Ryde Methodist Church to stack all the shopping away in the cupboard until Sunday night when the clients claim their six tins/packets of food. Imagine their delight, when their chauffeur offered to treat them to tea/ coffee and cake in Busy Bee Garden Centre . It proved to be a very pleasant and relaxing stop before returning to unload the shopping. Once again Mother Hubbard’s cupboard was full ready for another evening of feeding the hungry tomorrow night.


The Giggly Grannies visit Sandown and Godshill

Today, Julie and I, aka the Giggly Grannies, made plans to visit Debbie and Alain at The Sandown Manor Hotel. Debbie had been a facebook friend of mine for a long time and she and Alain very kindly offered and supplied food for the Open Arms project back in September.




This week Debbie offered us some clothes for the Angels Attic ( a room where we keep supplies for the hungy and homeless.  She very kindly invited us for coffee and made us CAKE! How rude it would be if we didn’t take up this very generous offer.


What fun we had and what a lot of giggles as well as chatting .

When we previously visited, the hotel was open to guests and we detained Debbie for rather a long time but this time, it was out of season so Debbie has the free time to spend with is which was just as well as we stayed a long time chatting.

Facebook is a wonderful thing as it brought Debbie and the Giggle Grannies together and what a boon for The Open Arms project. Many thanks to Debbie and her husband and to our new found friendship. (and another coffee and cake stop!)

After visiting the Sandown Manor hotel, we went and parked the car and boarded the southern Vectis bus to Godshill.  Julie, aka Giggly Granny number 2 made a bee line for the old Smithy. (although it should have been Mummy Buzz – Lyn Blackledge aka GG1 – founder of Wightbuzz!) We had a great time perusing the wonderful goods there and I met up with a member of staff whose children I taught many years before. Many happy memories were shared while GG 2 went off to find some bargains. GG2 is the queen of bargains and find some she did!. We then visited a wonderful shop behind the Old SMithy and part of the complex where we spotted many beautiful items we would like to purchase at a later date. This place is a MUST for tourists to the Island. Godshill is so quaint.


By now the thirst had set in so a plan was hatched to pop over to Chocolate Island with whom I had been tweeting on Monday nights during #Wighthour. Sadly, the cafe was closed. OH NO!!!! Disaaaaster!! We popped into the shop and asked the whereabouts of the tweeter for Chocolate Island.  We were told it was Jayne and she was in the factory behind the shop making chocolate items from shoes to cars, from ducks to rabbits oh my what a variety and even chocloate bees  - music to Mummy Buzz’s ears!!!!! We knocked on the window of this fascinating place (a visit is a must) and Jayne came out ad greeted us. It was like we were long lost friends!!!



She offered us drinks in the cafe (which we had been told was closed) It’s not what you know but who you know. The drinks were heavenly. I had a delicious coconut and chocolate drink and GG2 had a drink with dark and light chocolate!! What a wonderful time we spent gossiping. We WILL be back.


Time marched on and we had to catch the bus so we hot footed it round the corner but missed the bus as it was a minute early. Oh no naughty Southern Vectis.  We had to wait about another half an hour and then boarded the bus back to where we parked our car. Please to report to Matt Kitchen, the General Manager of Southern Vectis, that the bus driver was pleasant and smiley.


The chocolate bee I bought was safely delivered to Mrs Jones of Mrs Jones Tea depot who hosted a #wightbuzz #networking meeting in her shop. She was delighted and doesnt want to spoil it by eating it!!!


The Giggly Grannies had a wonderful day and giggled lots and lots!!!






The Giggly Grannies

Let me introduce you to the Giggly Grannies. We are two friends from Ryde Methodist Church on the Isle of Wight.


Giggly Grannny 1 is Lyn Blackledge


and Giggly Granny 2 is Julie Jordan.


Whenever we are together we just  giggle a lot. We decided to put this giggling to good use and so now we giggle our way around the Isle of Wight. We like to do good works and try to improve the world one step at a time. We have finally got this blog started and have a lot of catching up to do. Why not pop over to our facebook page

We have highlighted some of the businesses in Our Wightbuzz Group – maybe a wacky marketing package but it works!!



We have helped, and are continuing to help with the Open Arms Project at Church.


We have giggled on buses,  on the beach,  on the phone,  in Wightbuzz members’ shops! We can giggle anywhere. After all

Laughter is the best medicine. 

and our motto is to leave them laughing!

So if you would like to book time with the Giggly Grannies then please get in touch

Beach Photographs taken by Wightbuzz member Hannah Brewer of Hannah Brewer Photography